Oxidised Bitumen


Deuces Group prides itself in being the leading bulk supplier of all Oxidised grade bitumen in Africa. With clients ranging from mines to industrial synthetics and paint manufactures, we supply bulk and packed oxidized bitumen for sealing, water proofing, and acid proofing applications.

Available in bulk Kergs and 25Kg Kraft Bags, our oxidized grade bitumen products are well regarded for their high quality and come with different softening and hardening temperatures to meet your specific applications.

Deuces Group is the leading exporter of extra virgin oxidized bitumen (blown asphalt)

Our Oxidized bitumen or oxidized asphalt also known as air blown or air refined asphalt is manufactured by blowing air through it at elevated temperatures to produce physical properties required for industrial use of the final product. The blown bitumen is modified by the passage of air, under specific pressure and temperature depending on which grade we need to produce.

We supply Oxidised asphalt that is of a rubbery consistency and has a higher softening point and greater resistance to flow than straight run bitumen of the same hardness.

Our Oxidized bitumen grades are typically used in roofing operation, pipe coating, undersealing for Portland cement concrete pavements, hydraulic application, and manufacture of paints and as anti-corrosive coating in copper refineries.


Blown asphalt 115/15 95/25 90/40

Blown bitumen is manufactured from bitumen 60/70 by blowing asphalt and Deuces Group has a long history of supplying blown asphalt to bitumen factories, asphalt companies, roof insulation companies and membrane sheet manufactures. We provide Blown Asphalt in various grades including BITUMEN 150/5 115/15 105/35 95/25 90/40 90/10 90/15 85/25 85/40 85/25 75/25 hard bitumen or hot liquid in bulk.

Oxidised bitumen 85/25 90/15 90/10

Our Oxidised bitumen grades are suitable for sealing saw cuts and joints where there is expected to be the minimum amount of moving in the joint. Their wide temperature range prevents bleeding in high temperature applications. Oxidized bitumen can also be used in industrial applications like roofing, flooring, mastics, pipe coatings, electrical applications, anti-acid and anti-corrosive coatings in copper and mineral beneficiation foundries.

Oxidised bitumen 85/40 150/5

Deuces Group is capable of supplying modified Oxidised Bitumen Grades including those requiring oxidation in the presence of catalytic agents (catalytic oxidation) . Using additives the reaction rate is changed, allowing the oxidation process to be faster and more homogeneous throughout the oxidation. Carefully planned process controls during manufacture allow Deuces Group to produce and supply the final product with different penetration like 115/15. Such controlled processes enable us to manipulate the Oxidised bitumen’s plasticity, stickiness, resistance to weathering and oxidation.