Bark and Organics Supplier

South Africa’s leading Organics Supplier for Compost, Bark, Mulch, Topsoil, Lawn Dressing and Manure

Deuces Group is South Africa’s leading supplier of Bark Chips, Compost, Mulch, Lawn Dressing, Top Soil and Kraal Manure to most of the nurseries and landscaping contractors. With recycling and organic Farms around the country, Deuces Group is capable of bulk supplying Organics direct to your site at an affordable, quality Service none can match.

Our Product Range

• Organic Compost

• Top Soil

• Lawn Dressing

• Bark Chips

• Bark Mulch

• Kraal Manure

Deuces Group produces certified organic products. With a passion for quality and building a sustainable environment, we produce Organic compost, Top Soil, Lawn Dressing, Potting Mix , Bark Chips , Bark Mulch and Kraal Manure, which adheres to global standards ensuring a product that does not contaminate the environment. Our Organic Products are tested for bacterial contamination, nutrient levels, insecticide/ pesticide contaminant levels and, of recent note, for radiation levels.