Introducing Our Decorative Pebble Gabion Baskets for indoor and outdoor use. Simplified architectural and engineering ingenuity.

Introducing Pebble Gabion Baskets

At the forefront of Deuces Group’s strategic objectives is to continuously evolve, adapt and deliver new products to the market that enhance aesthetics and structural durability of civil and engineering structures.

With a foundation of proven engineering ingenuity, coupled with decades of experience in the design, supply and installation of Gabion Systems in Africa, our erosion control systems team deigned and introduced to the market an outdoor and indoor aesthetically pleasing gabion basket system.

Available in both Welded Mesh and Wire Mesh Gabion Design systems, our Pebble Gabion is supplied with carefully selected polished river and tumbled pebbles.

Deuces Group Pebble Gabion Basket System


Decorative Gabion Basket Garden benches

Decorative Gabion Basket flower beds

Decorative Gabion Baskets Side Walls

What our management says:

‘Introduction of new, adaptive and innovative solutions to the market reinforces our position as a leading world class dynamic engineering, project management and manufacturing group in Africa ‘…… James Chabata (Director – Finance & Business Strategy)

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