Mining, Quarrying and Aggregates

Responsibly quarrying, screening and grading all types of aggregates, Pebbles, Sand and road base materials

For more than 10 years, Deuces Group has been a leading cost effective supplier and distributor of crushed stone, sand and polished pebbles for the mining, construction, civils and decorative landscaping industry in South Africa and abroad.

Our national quarrying, crushing and screening operations supplies graded aggregates of various sizes, textures and colorations as well as various sand grades used for building, plastering, filtration systems and commercial metallurgical processes.

We specialize in the quarrying and grading of:

Our SAnd and Road Material

G1 to G7

Washed River Sand

Building Sand

Plaster Sand

Silica Sand

Our Aggregates Products

13MM and 19MM Gravel

Gabion Rocks

Dump Rocks

Deuces Group run partner operated Quarries in Bloemfontein, Durban, Krugersdorp, Musina, Paarl, Johannesburg and Cape Town. This allows us to deliver on time and on spec.Our Operations produce quality tested aggregates that meets and exceed SABS/SANAS minimum road works and aggregate standards.