Hot Mix Asphalt


Our Hot Mix Asphalt

Deuces Group is a leading supplier and distributor of Hot Mix Asphalt in Africa. With both owner operated and partner tar plants around the continent, we are able to meet your Asphalt requirements everywhere.

Quality is at the center of our operations

Being run by industry professionals, Deuces Group is able to supply and deliver quality backed products that complies with most of the regional and international Asphalt Quality standards. Our Hot Mix Asphalt grades are SABS /SANAS Approved. Our North and East African Plants produce and supplies BS Approved Hot and Cold Mix Asphalt.

Deuces Group Hot Mix Asphalt Key Quality Indicators

With a focus on quality, we supply Hot Mix Asphalt products that meet and exceed Asphalt standards on:

• Aggregate Gradation
• Asphalt Stiffness
• Asphalt Stability
• Asphalt durability
• Asphalt permeability
• Asphalt workability
• Asphalt fatigue resistance
• Asphalt frictional resistance
• Resistance to moisture damage

We achieve this through careful selection of aggregates, binders and mix designs that give the best engineering and physical properties.

All our Hot Mix Asphalts are done with aggregates that are durable, strong, and resistant to the polishing effects of traffic and exhibit good adhesion to the asphalt cement binder. We place key emphasis also on gradation and shape, absorption and water content, and cleanliness (the absence of any deleterious material and/or contaminants).

Custom Mix Designs to meet your project requirements

As a global company, we are able to supply Hot Mix Asphalt that meets regional and geographic environmental conditions. All our Asphalt grades can be further modified to meet certain additional performance characteristics; namely, higher stiffness at high temperatures to reduce rutting, and lower stiffness at low temperatures to reduce thermal cracking. Our Hot Mix Asphalt can also be modified to increase the adhesion between the asphalt binder and the aggregate in the presence of moisture.

As a leader in asphalt development, Deuces Group offers a wide range of proprietary materials that provide enhanced performance, improved environmental credentials, and a pleasing aesthetic result.

Our Hot Mix Asphalt Range

Products Max Agg Size Bitumen % General Application
Pavement Mix 6.7mm 5.5 Sidewalks & Domestic Driveways and pathways
Fine Wearing Course 9.5mm 5.5 Township roads and driveways. Ideal for cold weather paving
ULTA THIN FRICTION COURSE 9mm/13mm 4.9 Open graded wearing course for increased skid resistance
BTB 25mm 4.0 Bitumen treated base course
SABS W/COURSE 13mm 5.0 General purpose wearing course for roads & parking areas
SASOBIT MODIFIED W/COURSE 13mm 5.0 Hydrocarbon modified bitumen for improved fatigue & rut resistance
COLTO COARSE W/COURSE 25mm 4.8 Standard wearing course for provincial and main roads