Grass Block Pavers

The best of both worlds, A garden look with the strength of Concrete.

Deuces Group is an industry leading manufacturer and installer of quality approved Grass Block Pavers that offers an environmentally friendly, aesthetic finish, with the strength of concrete. Available in different designs, shapes and mechanical strength, Deuces Group’s Grass Block Pavers are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The Deuces 88 Grass Block Paver

The Deuces 88 Grass Block Paver is a permeable paver designed to facilitate the growth of grass in paved areas. The design of the grass block encourages water to drain through the voids where vegetation grows while offering sufficient structural integrity to allow for vehicular traffic. This paver is also often used for erosion control..

The Grass Block Paver is to be planted with creeping grass. The grass grows through the holes and can’t be damaged by cars.

Gravel Block Paver

The Deuces Permeable Paver can be combined with Aggregates to provide a reinforced aggregates surface that is versatile, attractive and hard wearing. Deuces Group is a specialist Grass Block supplier and installer.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions Blocks Per Square Meter Mass
600mm x 400mm 4.2 Blocks 33Kg per Block
400mm x 400mm 6.2 Blocks 20kg per Block

Deuces Grass Block Frame Paver Range

Hard Lawn Grass Block Paver Range

Maintain a Garden Look with strength of concrete. A Mechanically Strong and Aesthetically pleasing Surfacing technology used to control runoff and design pavements.

Terracrete Grass Block Paver

Flexible and permeable hard lawn concrete paver

The units can be laid in different patterns and may be used with or without ground anchors for the lining of riverbanks and other areas subjects to soil erosion. The paving of grassed roads and parking areas, as well as the stabilising of steep embankments such as bridge abutments, can be undertaken with these versatile blocks.