Gabion Stones and Dump Rocks

Supplying Solid, un-weathered Selected Gabion stones and Dump rocks

Deuces Group mines, crushes and screens solid parent rock run of mine into graded aggregates , boulders , Dump rocks, Gabion stones and ballast material suitable for your specific applications from Gabion Basket Filling, Road works stone pitching, landscaping , decorative uses and civil foundation projects.

With a wide network of quarrying operations across South Africa, together with partner plants across the African continent, we leverage on our efficient and cost effective transportation and logistics capabilities to deliver Quality stone on time and on spec to your project.

Our Gabion Stones and Dump Rocks Range

Size Typical Uses
70 – 150mm Dump Rocks Stone Pitching
Road works
100-250MM Gabion Stones Gabion Baskets
River Mattresses
Stone Pitching
100-300MM Polished Stone Boulders Stone Pitching
Gabion Baskets

Our Dump Rock and Gabion Stone Color Ranges