Building, Filtration, Leisure, Sporting and Black Loco Sand Supplies and export

Supplying a wide range of Quality sand products for building, plastering, filtration systems and play grounds

Deuces Group is a leading supplier of various sand grades and types in South Africa. We are a leading supplier of building Sand , Construction Sand , Crusher Sand , Plaster Sand ,B90 Black Loco Sand, USGA Certification Sand, Leisure and Sporting Graded Silica Sand for Golf courses and bunkers and beach volleyball as well as fine filter, course filter and filter pebbles for water filtration and purification systems in South Africa and abroad..

Our offering includes:

Building, Plastering and Construction Sands

* Washed river sand
* Red Building Sand
* Sifted Plaster Sand
* Philippi Sand
* Silica Sand
* Black Loco Sand

* Grey River Sand
* Washed Plaster Sand
* Yellow Building Sand
* Crusher Sand
* Malmesbury Sand

With a fleet of minimum 3 Cubic Meters, Deuces Group is able to deliver on time to your site all sand requirements.

Specialised Black Loco Sand for Rail Traction Control Systems

Deuces Group operates a specialist mineral sands division that specializes in supply and distribution of special Black B90 Loco Sands used in rail locomotive systems for traction.

Black Loco Sand

Packaged in convenient 25kg Bags and 1.5 Tonne Bags, Deuces Group supplies and exports the BlastritePro1 ® Loco Sand to the rail transportation industry.

BlastritePro1 ® Black Loco Sand

BlastritePro1® is a specially selected and graded mineral slag with sharp angular particles, black in colour and particularly resistant to fracturing when crushing forces are applied to it. This gives the product superior traction qualities.


BlastritePro1 ® Black Loco Sand is used as a locomotive traction media to increase the friction (traction) between the steel drive wheels of the locomotive and the steel track it runs on. The traction between these two steel surfaces is dramatically increased as the drive wheels rolls onto the BlastritePro1 ® Black Loco Sand which is applied immediately in front or behind the drive wheels.


• Reducing drive wheel slip under extreme conditions such as emergency braking, ascending or descending steep slopes or accelerating from standstill allows for safe and efficient control over the locomotive unit.
• The angular grain shape and high crushing resistance result in a product with superior traction characteristics.

Filtration and Water Purification Filter Sands

Deuces Group supplies graded silica and quartz sands for filtration, and water purification systems.

Our Filtration sand offerings include:

Fine Filter Sand

• 0.3mm Slow filter
• 0.5mm Fine filter
• 0.6mm Fine filter
• 0.7mm Fine filter

Coarse Filter

• 0,8mm Coarse Filter
• 0,95mm Coarse Filter
• 1,1mm Coarse Filter
• 1,3mm Coarse Filter

Filter Grits

• 2 - 4mm Grit
• 3 - 5mm Grit
• 5 - 7mm Grit

Filter Pebbles

• 5-7mm Pebble
• 6-12mm Pebble
• 12 - 25mm Pebble
• 25 - 45mm Pebble

Sports and Leisure Sands

Deuces Group is a premium supplier and exporter of certified and approved leisure sands . Our leisure sands have been used globally on international sporting events.

Marketed and distributed through our subsidiaries in Dubai, USA, Malaysia, Mauritius and New Zealand , we have supplied on average 600 metric tonnes annually of sporting and leisure sands.

Being a leading supplier and exporter of USGA specification sand for golf courses and bunkers, Deuces Group is a preferred supplier of graded silica sands for regional and international sporting events.

We supply and export USGA Specification Silica Sands to most Golf Courses within South Africa and abroad for their green's, bunker, etc.

Our Leisure and Sporting Sands Offering:


Sports Silica Graded Sands

• 0,5mm Beach Volleyball Sand
• USGA Specification Sand
• Bunker Sand
• 2 - 4mm Intermediate Layer
• 3 - 7mm Intermediate Layer

Leisure Sands

• Playpen Sand