Our CutBack Bitumen

Deuces Group’s Cutback Bitumen (Liquid Bitumen) is Bitumen dissolved in a petroleum solvent. At Deuces Group, we use carefully selected solvents to meet bitumen requirements for a variety of applications.

The types of solvents we use control the curing time and ultimate bitumen strength while the amount of solvent we add depends on our target viscosity of the cutback Bitumen.

Most of our solvents are added to reduce the viscosity of the bitumen temporarily so that it can penetrate pavements more effectively or to allow spraying at temperatures that are too cold for successful sprayed sealing. The solvent bitumen will evaporate after the application to leave the remaining material similar in hardness to that of the original bitumen.

Applications of our cutback bitumen and spray rates:

Priming and Tack Coating - Cutback bitumen suitable for priming are also used for tack coats, which are applied to an underlying surface to help with the adhesion of subsequent asphalt layer. A typical application rate is between 0.2 and 0.4 L/m2 Primer

Sealing - Where temperatures are too cold for an effective priming operation, or where traffic is likely to upset a primed surface before the final seal can be sprayed, a primer seal can be used to give adequate protection of the pavement for periods of up to 6 to 12 months. Cutback bitumen suitable for primer sealing can also be used in the manufacture of pre-mix asphalt, which is used in patch repairs.

Bitumen Emulsion

Deuces Group offers a wide range of Cationic and Anionic Grade Bitumen Emulsions that include Stable Grade, Premix Grade and Spray Grade Bitumen Emulsion varieties. Known for their effective performance and high strength ability, the Bitumen Emulsion offered by Deuces Group is highly demanded by our customers.


• Tack Coat, Prime Coat, Seal Coat, Surface Dressing, Crack Sealing, Cold Mix Bituminous Surfacing.

• When modified with a compatible rubber latex (e.g.: CATLAX) the Cationic Bitumen Emulsions are used in latest Pavement preservation technologies like Micro surfacing.

Our Bitumen Emulsion and Cutback Bitumen Product Range

• CutBack Bitumen Grade MC30
• CutBack Bitumen Grade MC70
• CutBack Bitumen Grade MC250
• CutBack Bitumen Grade MC800
• CutBack Bitumen Grade MC3000
• Emulsion Bitumen Grade CRS 60 and CRS65
• Emulsion Bitumen Grade CSS 60 and CSS 65
• Emulsion Bitumen Grade CMS 60 and CMS65
• Emulsion Bitumen Grade SS 60 and SS65
• Emulsion Bitumen Grade KRS 60 and KRS65

Other Bitumen Products we supply.

• Enviro Prime
• Crack Sealer
• Asphalt Rejuvenator